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Computer help Videos

Speed up and clean your computer's start up programs to factory specs  ... MSCONFIG

Basic weekly / monthly maintenance and clean up of your computer  ... CLEAN UP

Save pictures , movies , videos and other items off the internet  ... SAVE HELP

Create a folder / scan things with your anti-virus and attach files to e-mail  ... BASIC_INFO

Understanding the Favorites and History button in Internet Explorer 7  ... IE 7 TOOLBAR

Password Protect Files and Folders and create a Zip file for e-mailing with Winzip  ... WINZIP TIPS

Copy / Cut and Paste almost anything on your computer  ... COPY+ PASTE

Microphone and Volume control options  ... MICROPHONE AND VOLUME

The Basics of Windows XP Firewall and Security Center  ... XP_FIRE WALL


Yahoo help Videos

Stop Yahoo Instant Messenger from starting when your computer starts ... MESSENGER START

Prevent you real name from showing in a PM of Yahoo Instant Messenger ... REAL NAME

Play music in a chat rooms through the sound card without a microphone ... PLAY MUSIC


Twitter help Videos

Basic help setting up Peoplebrowsr .. a excellent app for tweeting ... PEOPLEBROWSR

How to group your friends using TweetDeck ... GROUP FRIENDS

How to see BOTH sides of a conversation easily using Tweetdeck ... SEE ALL REPLIESE


Yahoo Chat Clients for Yahoo! help Videos

YaZaK ... chat client options and setup for tricks and tips .... YAZAK FEATURES

Set up YaZaK chat to be 100 percent boot proof ... YAZAK GHOST ID ... BY _JESTER

Set up YaZaK chat preferences ... YAZAK PREFERENCES ... BY _JESTER

Another look at YaZaK login ... YAZAK LOGIN ... BY _JESTER

Using YaZaK to Play music in a chat rooms through the sound card / no microphone ... PLAY MUSIC

Basic setup of YahElite chat client ... YAHELITE BASIC SETUP

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