Here's one for advanced users ... if you need a Batch file ... you can use the batch files to perform basic functions
Batch Files


What's suppose to be running / not wasting resources Get a good idea at this site...and program your msconfigNever heard of msconfig ? ... you better go there now
Here's a program for web page builders ... sometimes lots of pic's will slow downloading ... reduce them down to thumbnail size ... it will help
For some reason I like this one ... maybe it's the name ... a small stand alone voice program / peer to peer ... channel tab / join / transmit tab
Roger Wilco
Is your Internet Explorer browser as secure ... take it on a little test ... these guys will check it ... there's a small battery of tests ... and how to fix it
OK have a program you want locked up ... this program will password protect a EXE ... you'd better remember the password or poof
I'm putting this one up because I don't like Real player ... plays most formats / avi / mpeg / real / windows media ... plays cd / mp3 / wavs / internet audio broadcast / plus
This sites for parents with kids ready for college ,,, there's thousands of scholarships out there ... let this updated search engine help ... good luck
I like things for kids /appreciate programs for them ... let your child color pictures while listen to music ...also a program to help you teach your child to read

A delete recovery program ... it's very easy to use ... after your search the recovered files show in green if they are safe and usable
Drive Rescue

Easy to use encryption program for a beginner ... encrypt files that you want to keep from prying eyes ...password ptotect those text files

Someone sent in a nice spell check page to bookmark ... I created a HTML shortcut on the desktop
Change is always good ,waste resources on this program ... change your desktop / make desktop text transparent
WallPaper Changer
A port scanner / Active shutdown and Active CPU ... monitor open TCP/ IP and UDP ports with Active Ports ...
Freeware for Windows



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