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I put this page together for one simple reason

Spyware can slow your computer + drive you crazy
Below is a list of programs to help you remove it
Run every program and do the suggestions below
They should remove the most stubborn spyware
Every program on this page is completely free for life


The ultimate FREE spyware removal page for the most stubborn spyware
also remove Trojans with this page

... this page so you can easily return

DO THIS FIRST : disable start up programs ...Win7 + Vista users click start / and then type in msconfig on the search line / XP users click start / run and type in .. msconfig ... then at the top right click start up ... then click disable all at the bottom ... reboot and return here .. here's a video of how msconfig looks if you like ... msconfig vide

Internet Explorer users ... close all windows to show only the desktop ... go to start / control panel / network and internet connections / internet option ... when it opens click advanced on the top right / then click the bottom RESET button looks like this ... this should help the following links open properly for you

Many spyware programs redirect you to the spyware / virus recovery page of their choice so make sure the web address show in the address bar is the name of the program listed when clicking the links below

Download the follow programs to your desk top or favorite saving location ... download all the programs first ... Then I suggest you unhook your cable line or phone line from your modem / computer to disconnect the computer from the internet ... it prevents pop ups and other spyware from interfering ... you can minimize this page and leave it open ...

Run each program completely one at a time in the following order ... Malwarebytes / Dr Web Cureit / CCleaner / AVG Anti-Spyware / Windows Defender / Spybot / Ad Aware ... then reconnect your line to the modem to be back online

AVG Anti-Spyware Free ....
  ...Dr.Web CureIt! ...   .MALWARBYTES....
Spybot-S&D!   ... Windows Defender ...  
  ..Ad-Aware 2007 Free...   ...

Once back online ... run Housecalls and Bit defender online virus scans

.HouseCalls - Bit - Defender

That should clean the most stubborn spyware and some Trojans

If you still have issues ... a free anti virus ... AVG- FREE ... works excellent and will help lots

NOTICE: Do NOT let all these spyware cleaners run when windows starts ... using the msconfig start up tab you learned earlier ... use them to clean only ... choose one if you like it to run all the time ... also reset your anti virus and firewall to run at windows start up in each programs preferences


Take your computer to ... ... and run the free test ... don't be confused by the advertisements .... get to the end and read the flags , starting with red

TIP : close all windows to the desktop then ... start / control panel / security center / ... I hope the firewall is on and the anti - virus along with windows updates ...

remember where you've been ...

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